Pomade vs Gel Which Product Is Better For Your Hair?

Pomade vs Gel which one is better? This one question always pops in everyone’s head when they want to try a new hairstyle. We always advise our readers to take that decision by trying out both of them. Sometimes a great hair product wouldn’t agree with your hair and sometimes it will be a waste of time. So to clear the issue, we have compared both hair products for men in this article, so let’s review Pomade vs gel.

Pomade Vs Gel 2020

Pomade and gel are both the best hair products for men but both have different usage and work. For someone who is confused between this, let just clear something up first. There is nothing wrong with both gel and pomade, its just users’ preference and hairstyle that demand a certain type of hair products. Let break it down to what is the difference between gel and pomade.

What is Pomade?

Before we go into the whole pomade vs gel fight, we first need to clear the basic and learn what are these products actually means. Pomade is a hair styling product basically provides better hold and shine to the hair. There are two types of pomade in the market, oil based and water based pomade. There is also other variation in those pomades as well such as wax based, clay-based and more. Most people use pomade to create a hairstyle that requires more hold and grip. Also, there are many modifications of pomade out there that provide different types of hold and shine. That means users have more choices and freedom to find the one pomade that works with their hair type and style.

Type of Pomade

As we mentioned earlier, pomade has many different types along with water based and oil based. There is also clay-based pomade which provides better hold and matte finish. Wax-based are almost the same as oil based pomade but sometimes include beeswax and synthetic petroleum wax for the hold. There are also gel and fiber pomade which basically has a different type of hold and shine. 

Benefits of Pomade

If we are comparing Pomade vs gel, we need to know the benefits, so that we can make an assessment later. Here are some of the main benefits of pomade.

  • It provides superior hold for the hair 
  • Better shine
  • No flake or any issue
  • For every type of hair, short, long curly, and wavey
  • Every type of classic and retro hairstyle can be made with pomade
  • Water based pomade is easy to clean
  • Oil based pomade provides all day long hold
  • There are also matte pomade that doesn’t have any shine
  • Pomade provides a Natural look
  • Breathable hair, no stiffness 

What is Gel?

The gel is another hair product for men that helps the user to style their hair. The gel provides a good hold on the hair and known to be the strongest hold that doesn’t move in the windest day. Mostly gel is used on damp hair which gives the user wet shiny looks. Also, it provides better shine because of the wet look. There are different type of gel available in the market which is differentiated from light, medium, firm, and extra firm which is their hold type.

Types of Hair Gel

As we mentioned above, all of those are the hold type of gel. There are also other types of gel which are specially made for some different kind of work. Such as there are Shaping and Sculpting gel which creates a new shape of hair style. There are other gels that are made for men with curly hair, short hair and long hair. Some of them come with a label like Natural, Cruelty-Free, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free and Sulfate-Free.

Benefits of Hair Gel

We already know the benefit of pomade, now to completely understand what is the difference between pomade vs gel, let’s take a look at the benefits of hair gel. 

  • Comers in variety of products
  • Cheaper than other hair product
  • Better hold and shine
  • Works with any type of hairstyle
  • Most people use them and works with any type of hair.

What is Better for Hair Between Pomade vs Gel?

Now we know what they are and their benefits lets put them together and figure out what is the better choice between pomade and gel.

  • Gel has better hold than pomade and better shine
  • Pomade works well with dry hair and gel only applies in damp hair
  • The gel leaves the hair stiff and pomade provide better control but left the hair breathable
  • Pomade is easy to restyle, user need to clean off the gel and then apply again for styling
  • In most cases, gel cause the flaking, pomade has no issue there.
  • The gel can cause hair loss and dehydration of hair which causes other issues.


Now when everything is on the table, we think pomade is a far better choice for hairstyling. A gel is not that bad choice and it works well with regular usage but for better styling and health for hair, pomade is clearly the winner for hair. We hope that we have provided a satisfactory conclusion to this Pomade vs gel battle. For more detail on pomade, read our other articles.

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