Axe Pomade Review 2020 – Classic Pomade vs. Shine Pomade

Axe is a notable brand across the world that deals with varieties of grooming products. The products include Body spray, Deodorant & Anti-Per spirant, Body wash, and Haircare, hairstyling products. In this article, we have discussed the best Axe hair styling products that are available in the market. Keep reading to explore the Axe Pomade Review of 2020 – Classic Pomade vs. Shine Pomade

Unilever a multinational company that owns 400 well-known brands, Axe is of the trustable brand of Unilever. Axe brand does produce hair Pomade for their valuable buyers, the majority of buyers rely on these hairstyling products. 

Why select Axe Pomade? 

Below given are some of the reasons for selecting the Axe Pomade:

Natural Ingredients 

No harsh chemical or colours are included in Axe Hair Pomade hence you can get rid of the unwanted hesitation of losing hair density or growth. Axe Pomade is one of the best pomade for men that are made up of organic components. This pomade slightly nourishes hair growth and maintains hair density. Have trending hairstyles without any hesitation using the Axe Pomades. 

Quick Rinse out without any residue

The Axe Pomade is made of natural ingredients hence it does not include strong elements which sticks in your hairs. Using this hair styling product you can have a great relief of “Pillow Dirt”. You can remove the applied hair pomade without leaving any pomade residue by having a quick shower using a shampoo. 


Axe brand deals with varieties of fragrance products which also includes hair Pomade. The hair pomade includes perfume elements that provide good smell so that users can stay with freshness. Intending to have a good smell for a hairstyling product? If yes go and grab the Axe Pomade. 

Trustworthy brand

Since 1983 Axe Brand is active in a market which provides buyers with valuable grooming products. They have gained the trust of millions of buyers across the world, this happened due to the quality of the products. The first priority for the Axe brand is always customers and their health. Pomade is one of the grooming products of Axe which do not include harsh chemicals. Buyers can have it for quick hairstyles without any hesitation.

Budget-friendly Pomade

Axe always deals with quality products, the price for the product is considered after analyzing the limit of the spending of buyers. The price for the Axe Pomade is pretty acceptable one comparing to the competitors. Axe allows you to have quality finished pomade, made up of natural components at an affordable price. 

Axe Pomade Review Of 2020

#1. Axe Classic Pomade Review Of 2020

  • Quality ingredients included in Pomade
  • Good fragrance
  • Medium hold to the applied hairstyle

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The Pomade lets users have a clean look with a classy finish, mainly meant for short and medium-length hairs. Axe Classic Pomade is made up of quality elements which let users have a stronghold to the applied hairstyles. You can have a clean-cut look without any blowout or weighing to the applied hairstyles using the pomade. 

Quality ingredients let user maintain the hairstyle without any greasy or oily look even in hot climates. A little of pomade is enough for any type of hairs to have a quick hairstyle. The Axe Classic pomade is one of the best pomade for thick hairs. It also includes good perfume elements which help users to have a good smell, lets them stay with freshness. 

Included ingredients in Axe Classic Pomade: 

Pomade Form Gel
StearethOleth-10 Phosphate
HydantoinDisodium EdtaCarbomer
Mica CI 77019Ceteth-20Water 
Titanium Dioxide Lodopropynyl Butylcarbamate
  • Quality ingredients included in Pomade
  • Good fragrance
  • Medium hold to the applied hairstyle
  • It is not completely water based pomade but can be rinsed out using shampoo
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#2. Axe Shine Pomade Review Of 2020

  • Great shine with medium hold
  • Organic components included
  • Pomade are nicely fragranced

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Considering the high demand for hairstyle with a shiny look, the Axe brand has introduced the Axe Shine Pomade for their buyers. You can apply it on any type of hairs even in Thick and Wavy hairs. The pomade provides users hairs with medium hold and high shine. Buyers can have quick hairstyle using their fingers or a comb after applying a little of Shine Pomade in their hairs. 

The pomade includes quality shining elements which let users’ hairs to have shiny look. Axe Pomade do not include harsh chemical or colours that may harm the density or growth of hair. It won’t allow your hair look greasy or oily hence you can have a bright and fresh look using the Axe pomade. The Pomade is suitable for having trending hairstyles such as Pompadour, Fade, Undercut, Quiff, Comb over, Slick back and so one. 

Included ingredients in Axe Shine Pomade: 

Pomade Form Cream
EugenolOleth-10 Water 
PhosphateDisodium EdtaFragrance 
Mica CI 77019Titanium Dioxide Hydantoin
Ceteth-20Lodopropynyl Butylcarbamate
  • Great shine with medium hold
  • Organic components included
  • Pomade are nicely fragranced
  • Some of the buyers don’t prefer the high shine hair looks
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FAQ For Axe Pomade

1. Which AXE Pomade is best?

All the AXE hair styling products are good as they include organic components which don’t harm the hair density. If you wish to have a great shine look to the applied hairstyles than you can prefer the Axe Shine Pomade.  

2. What is shine pomade?

The pomade which is made of strong shining elements is considered as shine pomades. This pomade lets users have a bright shine to the applied hairstyles with a day hold. Axe Shine Pomade is one of the most preferred hair pomades of 2020 by numerous buyers. 

3. Does AXE pomade cause hair loss?

No, the Axe Pomade does not cause any hair loss, Axe is a trustable brand that never lets users with harmful products. They include natural ingredients and elements in their hairstyling products. 

4. Is AXE classic pomade water based?

Yes, the Axe Classic Pomade is water based pomade which includes natural ingredients. You can use it any type of hairs for having a quick hairstyles within few minutes. 

5. Is pomade water soluble?

There are mainly two types of pomade: Water based Pomade and Oil based pomade. The water based pomades are water soluble hair products which can be easily resin out without any residue. Axe Classic Pomade is one of the best water based pomade that is easily soluble in water. 


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